My Apple Experience

About 3 weeks ago I started having issues with my MacBook Pro. I needed a new screen as you can see in the pic something major was wrong. I was also having issues with the fan running all the time and with the computer not sleeping it would get super hot.

My 1st stop, was the Apple Store. I explained everything that was up and felt good they would get it fixed. The downside I would be without it for 5 days. I ended up getting my computer back in about 3 and find out it’s not fixed.

Apple sends me to a local repair shop for a new logic board. I get it back from them and again not fixed. Ugh! Back on the phone with Apple to find out I need to send it back to them for repair. This time my computer is gone for a full week and of course it’s not fixed.

Finally after another hour on the phone I get elevated to “specialist”. Because of all the issues and that I bought Apple Care they offered to replace my computer with a brand new one. They originally offered me the base model, but mine was the top of the line so I pushed to get the faster model. Apple Care will only cover an equal machine only, so their claim is the base is better than what I had. Pretty gray territory if you ask me. I spent $3500 back in 2006 for the top of the line and they replaced with a $2800 base model. They did allow me to upgrade to the faster processor and hard drive for $400. I passed at the $1000 upgrade on ram as OWC has a kit for $700 that I can do myself.

I guess for $349 Apple Care is worth it, especially on laptops. However, I do wish Apple would figure out a better way to communicate repairs from 3rd party or retail stores. Most of my time was wasted dealing with them!

Well my new one arrived today and now the joy of migrating. Mike told me about a great app called SuperDuper that works better than Time Machine on restores.

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  • April 6, 2009 - 12:13 am

    iwen exposures photography - I feel your pain- my MBP screen went out on me last year…Super Duper is really super duper- I was looking for a solid backup program and it ranked number one on a few different tests. And it was the one of the cheapest, which his always nice!ReplyCancel

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